Our breeding passion

martedì 15 novembre 2016
Our breeding passion

The Pepi household began its breeding program when Beppe Ammannati (brother of the more famous Alighiero) gave a setter puppy by the name of Kirios, brother of Kim VI, as a gift to Lodovico Pascucci Pepi, Leonardo's father . and when their Sienese friend, Ivo Becarelli, died at a very young age, he left his setter, Mila, to Leonardo.

The Pepi family continued with the amateur breeding program until the 1990s, winning a competition with the hunting skills of the dogs at the partridge hunt in Val d'Orcia National Park. The program was interrupted by the events which will mentioned on a following article in Italian. But things picked up again with equal passion in 1996 and would continue until now with our esteemed bitch, 

Our passion for  dogs is not limited to English setters but has inspired us to invest in a more animated Italian breed: the Spinone. The breeding program now consists of two Spinone brood dogs and four setters.

Leonardo Pascucci Pepi 

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